About me

Welcome to my blog.

I try to write about things I like.  But, more often, it’s to draw attention to practices that are unjust, outmoded or dishonest.  I don’t expect the world to change because of the blog.  Rather, it’s one among many contributions that aim over time to change the way we view things to the point where action is taken.  Drip drip rather than bang bang.

If I have a formal occupation it’s as a governance, policy and management consultant, though these days I’d only take on projects in which I was really interested.  See Quantera.

Current interests.  I’m:

And a rather passive member of some good civic Exeter organisations.


  • Chairman,  Plunkett Foundation
  • Vice-Chairman, CPRE Devon (Campaign to Protect Rural England)
  • member, CPRE national Policy Committee
  • board member, Community Council of Devon (now Devon Communities Together)
  • board member, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England);
  • Deputy Director at Defra, MAFF, Department of Social Security (and other types of civil servant)
  • Standards Committee member at Thames Valley Police Authority
  • secretary of a village community association when we lived in Bucks.

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